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“The best CRM I have used yet! As a GC for over 25 years I have seen dozens. JobNimbus incorporates what we want and is affordable to even new start ups. Support is excellent as well.”

-Kenny Smith Owner Smith Roofing

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Firstly, contractor software or a CRM is a “customer relationship management” tool. Sometimes its called, “construction scheduling software” or a “construction management system”. It helps businesses manage communication with their customers. It streamlines business processes and helps you connect with customers. It increases visibility so that your entire team knows where each job is at during every stage of the process. It is software located online that has all of your customer information, whenever you need it.

Using a traditional process with pen, paper and files can be incredibly time consuming. JobNimbus helps put everything online digitally so you can find information fast.

Also, you can get accurate estimates via our integration with Beacon which has products in the construction and remodeling industries nationwide.

Secondly, software matters because it can cost you money if you don’t have it. It organizes and speeds up business processes so everyone in the company is on the same page. Visibility is clear for lead opportunities, project bottlenecks, follow-ups and collecting payments.

JobNimbus is a digital program you can use on the jobsite with a mobile device. It helps you stay organized and appear more professional.

Construction business management software solves lost revenue. Because jobs are not getting followed up on.

Poor communication because the team doesn’t see where each department is at in the process.

Lack of oversight into every process such as leads, production and billing. Wasted time spent trying to find key information.

Say goodbye to papers stacking up in the office or the truck and to the trusty Excel spreadsheet.

Make sure you have a savvy office administrator that is answering the phones
Ensure you know who owes you money and that outstanding invoices are followed up on.
Make sure you know the details of job costing, ensure your estimates are accurate and margins are profitable
Use a solid software so that you can identify bottlenecks, see where you are winning and what needs improvements.

Lastly, we are easy to use. Start off and get running with the basics and later learn some of the more advanced features. We are customizable, we allow you to tailor our system to how your business works. We offer a lot of value for our pricing. We integrate with many other companies. We have onboarding and are available to answer any questions you have.

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