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A Notion page is turned into a mobile websiteA Notion page is converted into a no-code website

See for yourself how simple it is to create your website in Notion

Check out how simple it is to use our Notion website maker.

We take care of the headache that comes with setting up a site

We do the heavy lifting, while you focus on what matters.
Here's a quick tour of features, and what we simplify for you

Perfect SEO

From a technical perspective, all websites made with are ready to get high SEO rankings! No stress here

Custom domains

You can add your website to a custom domain (e.g., or stick to a subdomain (e.g.

Auto SSL

Remember the last time you went to a website that was deemed as "not secure"? Yep, no worries about that


All websites are fully responsive. That means the mobile version of the website will work 👌

Fast-loading websites

We take care of optimizing stuff for you, skimming off excess code, etc. is made so that your site will load fast ⚡

Automatic pretty URLs

Notion creates URLs like With us, you can just call that ""

Preview image for links

Ever shared a Notion page on social media and saw that there's no pic? We automatically generate those

... and more!

We're working really hard to help even more! Guides, integrations, more free templates, etc...